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Directors Statement

Director’s Statement

Teboho Nchapha – Managing Director; Pr CPM, MACPM.

Teboho Nchapha – Managing Director; Pr CPM, MACPM.

Appointing a Project Management Company

Project Management is a strategic approach utilized to separate aspects of management from the design and construction elements of a project. The management and coordination role of the project is entrusted with an expert appointed by the client.

The Project Management Process

Comprehensive in nature, this method of Project Management delivery focuses closely on the overall planning, control and co-ordination of a project from inception; through design development and documentation; procurement; and construction; to project closeout and final occupancy.

Experienced Project Management Specialists       

For the past Seven years SeCo Project Managers have provided the successfully proven approach of construction project management services to development projects, both in the public and private sectors.

SeCo Project Managers manages every step in the Project Plan. This entails the management of the entire process from the earliest project identification phase to completion, namely:

  • Initiation
  • Design development
  • Various stages of Procurement
  • Construction
  • Hand-over
  • Post-occupation

Making the most of today’s demanding business environment requires more. More than project teams, more than software tools and definitively more than the way things were done before. And, it’s more than just surviving. It’s about being effective. SeCo Project Managers have the right people, processes, and strategy to put you in control of your projects.

Leading Project Management Company    

Since inception SeCo Project Managers have been a leading provider of quality project management services.

 Our services focus on the development, implementation, and use of project management control systems for:

  • planning and scheduling,
  • cost management, and
  • resource management.

Project Management Services        

SeCo Project Managers can provide you with the following benefits throughout your Project:

  • Hand-on Construction Project Management professionals who understand your business needs and get the job done effectively and efficiently;
  • Cost effective project management processes and techniques that are tailored to your requirements;
  • The expertise you need to develop and implement practical project management control systems whether you needs are high-tech, low-tech, or somewhere in-between.

More than 25 Years Project Management Experience

The intellectual resources of the SeCo Project Managers have history of performance and a level of shared experience that has been harnessed from individuals who have been in the Construction Project Management industry for more than 25 years. These experience and physical capabilities provide the chemistry for unparalleled service innovation.