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What is Construction Project Management?

Construction Project Management is a method of project delivery, which utilizes the expertise of construction industry professionals to manage, coordinate and control all aspects of construction in the best interests of the client. The method ensures the client’s increased involvement on construction matters by bringing the client closer to the trade contractors.

By exploiting this method, organisations could effectively partake in the drive for empowerment by utilizing our expertise to manage emerging subcontractors, as opposed to employing a principal builder with a labour contingency.

The traditional method has always been to appoint a main contractor with domestic, nominated and selected subcontractors. However with construction project management, a consultant is appointed to manage trade contractors and affording the client an opportunity to being more involved with the administration of trade contractors and construction matters.

Benefits of SECO Construction Project Management Services

Compliance Coordination

Coordinate and monitor all statutory requirement processes including plans submissions, permits procurement, etc.

Value Engineering & Cost Cycle Estimating

Conduct a formal, multi-disciplined, value-engineering workshop to evaluate building systems and recommend value improvements. Employ cost cycle estimating techniques to evaluate performance and constructability issues and make cost savings recommendations to the client without reducing the aesthetic or quality intended by the design.

Constructability Reviews

Review construction design documents for completeness and coordination. Check with regard to accuracy, feasibility, availability and cost of materials, labour and building systems. Develop coordinated scopes of work for each Tender package.

Master Project Programming

The key to succesful construction project management is to provide a Master Project Programme complete with milestones incorporating the conditions outlined in the project’s strategic planning.


Manage all tender and negotiations on the client’s behalf. Conduct all pre-tender administrative issues. Coordinate plan and specification clarifications in conjunction with the designers through the tendering process. Receive all tenders, adjudicate and make detailed written recommendations to the client.


Administer construction contracts including communications, payments, monitoring of construction document interpretations, changes in scope and other procedural aspects.

Site Management

Monitor, coordinate and supervise the day-to-day workflow on the construction site. Oversee trade contractors, maintain project documentation, review & monitor programme adherence and report on all aspects of construction to the client.

Variation Order Processing

Investigate proposed change orders and advise client with regard to potential cost and programme impact. Conduct estimates, management process and negotiate on the client’s behalf.

FF&E Coordination

Provide procurement, delivery and installation services for the client’s furniture, fixture and equipment purchases.


Oversee handover procedures completion, organize all project documentation and release to the client, provide M&O manuals and training for Owner’s staff, manage warranties, and prepare final closeout report.

Tenant Occupancy

Manage early planning and scheduling for optimum interface of construction completion and occupancy. Develop a plan for phasing, logistics of relocation, operations transition and building occupancy.


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